5 Best Android Lock Screen Apps To Beautify Your Phone

Hello Guys !! As you know everytime we see the same lock screen and as usual, it’s very boring for us to look into it each time we turn the screen on in our device. So by thinking this, we came up with top 5 best android look screen apps which is not only changes the lock screen of your phone but also personalizes the screen. So to make your device looks good than download this one of the apps from below.


#1 Next Lock Screen


Finally, Microsoft has decided to go with the wind. That’s why they launched some apps on playstore. Next Lock Screen is one among them.

Being one of the best lock screen replacement apps, you can do a lot of things with it apart from mere unlocking. Let we explain it those one by one.

Just like every other lock screen apps, Next Lock Screen also allows you to set up different screen unlocking patterns. Along with patterns, pin and password. You can opt for fingerprint option if your phone’s hardware is capable.

A quick access bar is placed on bottom using which you can launch frequent apps and access camera, flashlight, Wi-Fi, etc as well.

The music controls are also present on the lock screen that reduces the efforts to play a song after unlocking.

And there are much more features enabled which it takes lot of time to explain it with details. So for knowing the features by your own than download this app and give it a try.

[ click here to download next lock screen app ]

#2 LokLok


Do you want to have fun with your friends using android lock screen ? Then, this one is the perfect one.

If you are in search for an android lock screen app that offers locking methods then this won’t suit you best. Because LokLok has no locking facility ( Irony, huh ? )

You can cordially welcomed to try this app if your phone stays safe even without a lock.

The idea is funny and simple too. It can be unleased fully with your friends, not alone. Just install this one of best lock screen replacement apps on your phone and, you are good to go.

Press the power button twice to see your lock screen after the installation. You will see a screen that reminds you of a whiteboard. It is possible to create a group so that everyone in the group can have the same lock screen.

LokLok is more of fun than a lock screen application. You can connect with everyone in the group throughout the day. Just draw on your screen and boom. It will be seen on all phones in the group, and they will see the same soon after picking the phone.

[ click here to download loklok ]

#3 Alarm Antitheft Screen Lock


What if a lock screen apps protect your phone and let you know when someone tries to sneak into it ? Will that be awesome ? That’s exactly what alarm antitheft screen lock app does.

The app is available on playstore for free. If you want extra features, you will need to spend some bucks for the in-app purchases. So being an antitheft alarm app, this app is more of a security app than a lock screen app.

Let me tell you how this best lock screen app works it.

Suppose you put your phone away and engage in a task. This time, one of your friends comes into the play and tries to unlock your box of secrets ( phone of course ). He can’t succeed because he doesn’t know the pattern or pin. As soon as he fails, your phone will start making a loud irritating alarm enough to reach your ears. So it is very good app to use it.

[ click here to download alarm antitheft screen lock ]

#4 Next News Lock Screen


Here comes another unique android lock screen app.

Do you have a habit of reading newspaper or at least, reading news online ? If you have it, this app is going to grab your attention.

Though Next News Lock Screen comes free, you will see some in-app purchases which in term make the app more efficient. You won’t get a pin or pattern lock with the free version.

The important feature of this lock screen replacement app is it shows news from different websites on your lock screen, not some random boring articles but extremely targeted and completely from your interests.

After the installation, you can check the categories, from which the news should be displayed ( be it tech, sports or anything ). So, whenever your turn on the screen, news from those categories will be shown.

[ click here to download next news lock screen ]

#5 SlideLock Locker


Is iPhone your ex ? Then, it is awkward for you to use android for some time. On such an occasion, slidelock locker can come to your rescue.

It is one of the best android lock screen app with lots of features. The materialistic design will take your breath away at the first glance itself.

Three locking options are available – slide, pattern and pin. The notification can be opened with a double tap and dismissed by a swipe.

If you swipe from right to left, the app will launch the camera. Whenever you get a new notification, slidelock locker turns the screen on for sometime to show it.

[ click here to download slidelock locker ]

So Have you chooses your favorite android locking app ?

We have given you the list of five best lock screen replacement apps for android. Now, it’s your turn to choose one of them. Each one from the list is different and serves entirely different purposes.

Pick one that suits your interests. Have a Good day !!!

Thanks & Keep Visiting Apptricky for more such tricks.



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